The Tarabichi Stammberger Ear & Sinus Institute announces the 19th TSESI Hands-On Cadaver dissection course to be held on 29th March - 3rd April 2020, at American hospital and Mohammed Bin Rashid Academic Medical Center, Dubai.

TSESI will sponsor 7 Trainees and Young Otolaryngologists with special emphasis for trainees from Emerging countries (including air tickets, accommodation and registration) to attend hands-on cadaver dissection and live surgery course.

Trainee’s selection solely depends on demonstrated work and research in the appropriate area of interest. Submitted research work would be reviewed and selected by our organizing committee.

Instructions for Trainees:
  • The trainee should be an ENT resident in good standing or a recent graduate (Age less than 30 years)
  • Brief CV highlighting Current Position in below format only
  • Research work in the appropriate area of interest (Otology or Rhinology)
  • Letter from the chairman of department documenting the status of the applicant
  • The submission of the application for the March/April 2020 Course should be between 1st to 31st January 2020. Applications sent before and after these dates would not be considered for the scholarship. Applicants should send their CVs to in the following format only. Any applications received in different formats will not be accepted.
CV Format:
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Country & city of work
  • Current grade (resident, senior resident, fellow, etc.)
  • Fellowships/observerships
  • Previous research
  • Publications (national/international journals)
  • Prizes (undergraduate/postgraduate)
  • Aspirations (or personal statement)
  • Volunteering work


  • Usama Ahmed – UK – (Ear)
  • Taseer Feroze Din – Kenya – (Ear)
  • Sohil Gala – India - (Ear)
  • Rajesh R Havaldar - India – (Ear)
  • Lujain Abdalwassie - Saudi Arabia – (Sinus)
  • Janmaris Marin Fermin - Venezuela – (Sinus)
  • Tatiana Decuseara – Romania - (Sinus)
  • Lim Chee Chean (Ear) (Malaysia)
  • Rahim Dhanani (Ear) (Pakistan)
  • Ankur Walli (Ear) (India)
  • Sarah Louise Gillanders (Ear) (Ireland)
  • Justin Hintze (Sinus) (Ireland)
  • Meera Khadilkar (Sinus) (India)
  • Mohamad Kajouj (Sinus) (Syria)
  • Alessia Rubini (Italy) (Sinus)
  • Conall Fitzgerald (Ireland) (Sinus)
  • Antonio Gulino (Italy) (Sinus)
  • Devkumar Rengaraja Nachiappen (India) (Ear)
  • Kartik Anil Parelkar (India) (Ear)
  • Naif Abdullah Bawazeer (Saudi) (Ear)
  • Simple D. Patadia (India) – Ear
  • Precious Eunice R. Grullo (Philippines) – Ear
  • Keya Ajay Shah (India) – Ear
  • Fergal Kavanagh (Ireland) – Sinus
  • Haissan Iftikhar (Pakistan) – Sinus
  • Hardip Singh Gendeh (Malaysia) – Sinus
  • Karan Jolly (UK) – Sinus
March 2018 Workshop
  • Alexandra Gulig – Sinus
  • Asmaa Mubarak Mohamed Mukhtar – Sinus
  • Dharmistha Rajesh Kaku – Sinus
  • Safa Mutwakil Mohd Ahmed – Sinus
  • Anika Kaura – Ear
  • Mohamed Abdelwahab – Ear
  • Mohamed Ashraf Elkahwagi – Ear
December 2017 Workshop
  • Hussein Jaffal (Lebanon) (Ear)
  • Naumann Manzoor (Pakistan) (Ear)
  • Hagar Gomaa (Egypt) (Ear)
  • Nabeelah Naeem (India) (Sinus)
  • Eman Salem (Egypt) (Sinus)
  • Diptarka Bhattacharyya (India) (Sinus)
July 2017 Workshop
  • Abdul Karim Nassimizadeh (UK) (Sinus)
  • Arpit Saxena (India) (Sinus)
  • Mohammad Alsalem (Jordan) (Sinus)
  • Mohammad Salah Mohammad Mahmoud (Egypt) (Sinus)
  • Ahmad Abdulrauf Mirza (KSA) (Ear)
  • Ahmed Ezzat Mohamed Saleh (Egypt) (Ear)
  • Eamon Shamil (UK) (Ear)
  • Cristoforo Fabbris (Italy) (Ear)
  • Hussein Walijee (UK) (Ear)
  • Rana Barake (Lebanon) (Ear)
  • Shitanshu Sharma (India) (Ear)
  • Rehab Faisal Simsim (KSA) (Sinus)
  • Faisal Abdullah Sa'ati (KSA) (Sinus)
  • Paun Oana (Romania) (Sinus)